About us

Crystal Wheels | Light Goods is a queer women-owned small business focused on hand-building bicycle wheels, sourcing artist made home goods, and loving up on community.  Co-owned by Crystal Brinkman and Alissa Light, Crystal Wheels | Light Goods is a retail brick & mortar and online store deeply interconnected with a love of cycling, artists and creatives, and the power of joy and connection. Crystal Wheels | Light Goods aims to increase accessibility to quality cycling and home goods by leveraging unique skills and networks, and a lot of passion, to introduce customers, artists, and makers to each other.
With over a decade of professional mechanic experience, Crystal brings her passion for the art of wheelbuilding to the partnership. A custom built wheel can last a lifetime and make an older bike new again. Handbuilt wheels are a way to invest in your ride without having to buy a whole new bike. Because building wheels is labor intensive bike manufacturers often skimp on quality wheels, but wheels are obviously a key component of any bike that greatly affects the ride. Reasons for needing custom wheels range from having a bigger body and needing more strength to wanting to convert a bike to a single speed.
As a long-time director of a healthcare nonprofit, Alissa not only has a wide range of skills, but a commitment to and keen eye for environmental elements that create a sense of belonging and comfort.  Maybe it’s her Libra rising, maybe it’s her belief that art and goods can connect us to each other and ourselves, maybe it’s a response to her two decades in healthcare.  Whatever it is Alissa understands our physical environments hold tremendous power, and that placemaking is a portal to healing and belonging.  She curates a selection of products that center ethically made and sourced goods by skilled makers.  Light Goods is a justice centered shop: consent, transparency, relationships and mutual benefit is at the heart.  
Our mission is to create a portal for joy and connection through beautiful, ethical, and quality elements for cycling and home.

Please reach out! We are growing resources & inventory to launch our shop in the Spring of 2022. We'd love to hear from you! Please connect with us via the form below. Sending you love & light.